Extremely Easy Security — Learn Social Engineering in Plain English (1.1 Part 2)

It looked much better in my head. Also, this drawing provides absolutely no clarity between phishing and whaling whatsoever.


Dumpster Diving

Shoulder Surfing



Eliciting Information

A stranger offers beer to Steve and Steve tells him his credit card number before accepting the beer. Make sure to only reveal sensitive private information after accepting beer.


Identity Fraud

That was supposed to be a bear. I am really sorry. I do not know why he looks so depressed or has wings for hands.

Invoice Scams

Credential Harvesting




Watering Hole Attack

Next Up: Err… Part 3 isn’t out yet, but if you want updates, you can subscribe to my blog. Yay!




Writer, ethical hacker, humorist. Extremely Easy Security.

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Writer, ethical hacker, humorist. Extremely Easy Security.

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